PollCasting® Voice Broadcast is an outbound telephone dialing system, with a questionnaire. PollCasting® Voice Broadcast will dial a list of phone numbers, and play a pre-recorded message with a multiple choice question to be answered by the recipient. The recipient has the choice to press any key from 1 to 8 to respond, or press 9 to repeat the question again. If no one answers the phone, the message will be played into the voice mailbox.


PollCasting® Voice Broadcast liberates you from manually dialing phone numbers, and verbally repeating the same question to your target recipient. PollCasting® Voice Broadcast automatically dials phone numbers and transmits thousands of voice message questions per day. PollCasting® Voice Broadcast will record the response to the questionnaire for your analysis.

Focus on what you do best. Eliminate mundane activities such as:

  •    dialing phone numbers
  •    ringing the phone
  •    waiting for an answer
  •    negotiating with the wrong person
  •    being put on hold
  •    waiting for the right party to attend the phone
  •    getting thrown into voice mail
  •    verbally repeat another message into voice mail

Spend less time on the arduous outbound calls. Expedite your outbound campaigns with unprecedented speed. With PollCasting® Voice Broadcast, you can make thousands of calls per day to your contact list.


PollCasting® Voice Broadcast can be used for:

  •    Political campaign questionnaires

  •    ringing the phone

  •    Surveys


Any company wishing to expedite a survey, or to maximize on their outbound phone calls can use PollCasting® Voice Broadcast. Companies that require delivery of a voice message to be consistent, precisely worded, and mass delivered will advance with PollCasting® Voice Broadcast.


The PollCasting® Voice Broadcast system will dial every phone number on your contact list. One of the following possible events will occur:

All calls are logged. Your log report will show:

  •    If call was answered, not answered, or line was busy
  •    If person listened to the entire message or not
  •    Which number on the key pad the recipient pressed to answer the question
  •    Date and time stamp of every call


1. How do you deliver a recorded message?

    We dial every contact on a phone list. When the phone is answered, we play the recorded message.

2. How do I get started?

    First, book your campaign
    Then, record your message
    Lastly, send us your phone contact list

3. How fast can my campaign start?

    We need 24 hours notice.

4. How many messages can you deliver?

    We are capable of delivering thousands of messages per day.

5. When do you make the calls?

    We make our calls to satisfy your specific time frame.

6. What is the message delivery success rate?

    The success rate depends on your contact list, and the number of retries.

7. How do I pay for the service?

    This service is pre-paid, or on approved credit.

8. Where do I get a contact list of phone numbers to call?

    You can use your own client list.

9. What data fields must be in the contact list?

    Just the telephone number.

10. Do I get a report after the job is finished?

    Yes, you get a log report, and an exception report for every job
    All reports are free of charge.
    The reports show accurate details for every single call.

11. Who records the message?

    You can record the message, or you can use our in-house staff.

12. What is the maximum length of the message?

    Maximum length is 60 seconds, but we recommend 30 seconds. Additional time can be requested.

13. What does the message sound like after it's delivered?

    Message quality is identical to your initial recording.

14. Am I charged for every phone call regardless of the outcome?

    Yes, we charge for every call to encourage clean list maintenance.

15. How many retries do you make if the line is busy?

    As many retries as you want.

16. What are your office hours of operation?

    Generally 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. EST, but we will accomodate your needs.

17. How should my message be structured?

    For pollcasting, your message should have the following structure: Hello, it's Jim Parker from the Union calling about the current legislation. I need to know your thinking on this matter. If you are against, press 1, if you vote in favor press 2, if you are uncertain press 3, press 8 to repeat this question, or press 9 to have the system call you back later.


Event, Seminar, Annual Meeting Invitations:

Changes in last minute details and printing or mailing delays can reduce the time you have to promote your event.

Political agenda:

Send a message to your supporters with your political message.

Member Communications:

Fast dissemination of information to your members or colleagues.


Do a survey. Disseminate a question with a multiple-choice answer.

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