Our team of researchers will research and update your client list or prospect list. Client lists or prospect lists that may be incomplete with missing telephone data, fax data, email, company name, or contact name data can be researched and updated by our research specialists.

Updating a prospect list or filling in missing data fields makes it easier for your sales team to contact the key decision maker; without wasting time on researching. Having the correct fax number, telephone number, or email address can make the difference on the success of your marketing campaign. Let us do the research for you; while your sales staff concentrates on selling.

Our research specialists navigate and locate the right corporate contact or decision maker to make your job easier for closing a sale.

Pay only for information that was successfully researched. If we canít find it, you donít pay.


You just attended a trade show, and bought the trade show attendee list. The attendee list is missing the phone number, fax number, and email address. Let us locate the missing data for you.

You have a client list but donít have email addresses for each contact. Let us do the research and obtain the email addresses for you.

You have a prospect list with missing telephone numbers; we can do the research and find the telephone number for each record on your list.

You have a client list, but the fax numbers are missing. We will research the fax number for you. Your list will be returned with the proper information to facilitate your Voice, Fax, email or outbound campaign.


1.What will this list update service cost?
    Cost really depends on work requirement. Our charges are on a flat rate per item researched. We do NOT charge by the hour. Please call us for a custom quote on your particular research needs.
2. How fast can you complete the list research?
    Our team of researchers will get on your job quickly. The completion time depends on the complexity of your data.
3. What format must my data be in?
    Your data can be in any format.
4. When do I pay for the service?
    Payment is due upon completion of the job.
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